Oh, These Days

These are the days which try men’s souls.

Is there nothing stable in the world?

Is there no peace to be found?

What’s going on?

Once every thousand years a new idea comes forth.

It changes the world.


Globalism is unleashed as never before.

Countering, localism has been revived as never before.

Globalism has three pillars that hold it up; those pillars

stand on two bases.

The three pillars are universal democracy, open capital markets,

and science.

The smaller of the two bases which the pillars directly touch

is the driving desire of men, women and children to be free.

The larger base upon which the freedom pillar is attached is the

information base – the Internet.

This last base is the reason the three pillars

and smaller base

go global.

That base is made of 1’s and 0’s.

Infinitely flexible it flies everywhere unimpeded.

Localism is a violent reflex to globalism.

It is a thrust backwards to the power of community,

a time when religion and tribe and nature formed

who we thought we were.

Localism resides deep in the soul of every human.


The new idea is that global tendencies

reside there too.

Who wins?

We win. For every one of us

will mix and match as we please.


there will be a slight tilt upward toward

the global.

That’s why the world is changing.

That’s why it seems there is no peace.

That’s why nothing seems stable anymore.

That’s why these seem to be the times that

try men’s souls.

But not so.


It’s a new idea welling up

in the souls of men.

It is a time when every woman and child

understand what equal is.

Equal is equal.

That’s what it is.