Eating Carbon Dioxide: Let’s Start Having Some Fun.

The earth is hot and getting hotter.

The cause is: the increase of carbon dioxide gas emitted into the atmosphere.

The solution is: get rid of the extra carbon dioxide.


The best strategy right now and for the next thirty years is to EAT carbon dioxide gases that are escaping into in the atmosphere.

We should start by having contests on who can eat the most carbon dioxide.

This is what I’d do to win the contest:

1. I would build a skyscraper a mile high, and plant trees and plants on every floor and in every room and on every balcony and on every ledge. Plants and trees literally take in carbon dioxide gasses from air, and eat them in order to grow. This skyscraper would look beautiful with plants, vines, bushes and limbs visible to the naked eye. And people living in these buildings would feel like they are living in areas surrounded by natural gardens.

2. Around the skyscraper I would grow a million Trembling Aspen trees that eat greater amounts of carbon dioxide than many other trees.

3. Around the forest I would build a one hundred foot high brick wall coated with magnesium and calcium and then imbed ant colonies into every inch of the wall. Ants secrete a fluid that draws in carbon dioxide and changes magnesium and calcium into limestone. Besides capturing carbon dioxide, this limestone wall would be cool looking. (Ref. Ronald Dorn, Geology Professor, Arizona State University.)

4. I would build four huge factories outside the wall and imbed the smokestacks into the ground instead of in the air. I would capture the carbon dioxide gas emissions into large underground reservoirs and use them as energy sources instead of using the local electrical grid to power my skyscraper.

5. I would build solar panels on the factory roofs which I would convert into electricity to power the machines that emit the underground carbon emissions. Of course one of those building would be where Green Tea HP is produced. I would ensure that on every box there would be notification that this beautiful Green Tea HP product was produced without emitting any carbon dioxide gases into the air.

6. After I won the contest (and I’m sure I would), I would take my winnings and start building tree houses. Instead of stripping the land of forests, I would keep the forests and build houses in the trees. Then I would build subterranean houses whose roofs where full of trees and plants. Of course, my son-in-law would build these homes. He owns Hybrid Construction.

7. After I won the second contest, I would build a desalinization plant next to our Green Tea HP facility, and ensure that the bottled water we used with each pixie was desalinated water, thus starting to come to grips with worldwide draught.

Big Conclusion

I would invite my grandchildren to join me in these contests. I would teach them that doing the above stuff is fun. I would tell them that with every victory they have, they should party. And when there are no victories, they should party even harder. With three or four generations of my posterity doing this, we should start making dents in lowering carbon dioxide emissions into the air, while of course having fun all along the way. I would also teach them that for being involved in contests like these, there are no losers – all are winners.