Missionaries At An Alta Club Party, 9 September 2014

Went to a party, twenty years hence I’ve been with my missionaries, at our Alta Club Party.

Green Tea HP Report Alta Club

You want boys to break rules?

Then make lots of rules

That’s when boys break rules

SO, there were few rules.


I didn’t much care what you thought of me

I would never send you home

You were safe with me

That’s what I want you to know about me.


I refused to hold courts

I would go home if I was told

To hold courts.


I was impressed if you read history,

I was deeply impressed when you made history.


How hard did you work,

they now ask your companions?

Teach me how to work,

that’s how hard you worked!


Better every month,

than the same month, the year before.

How could I ask for more,

when every month of every year, was better than the year before?


We pounded heavy stakes into the ground.

We started with nine stakes

and so pounded twelve more,

pounded and staked into the ground.


You say you have problems with the devil?

But the devil hasn’t been invited to this party!

Isn’t it better breaking into the light

to make things right?


I didn’t care what time you got up,

I just wanted YOU to go out!

It is at night,

when the calming voice is bright.