Four People I Hated. What Now?

Growing up I hated four people.

They were Betty Friedan (feminist),

Earl Warren (corrupt judge), Lyndon Johnson

(assassin), Martin Luther king (pervert).

Today, they are my heroes.

To state the obvious – I’ve changed.

Friedan freed woman from enslavement,

Warren, Johnson, and King freed enslaved African Americans.

Of the four, I believe King was not only the greatest African

American, but our greatest American. His philosophy

Is the key stone holding democracy in place.

J. Edgar Hoover said he was a womanizer,

A communist, and I don’t know what else.

He was not perfect, but he was

Perfect enough.

What’s up? Why have I changed so much?

I am a man of two minds.

This mind won out,

People should evolve, right?

I’ve evolved.

Picasso was the weirdest artist.

He is now my favorite artist.

People are strange.

four people i hated

Jim Morrison was a druggy scum bag

Whose songs were too long.

Now I proudly show grandchildren

His grave in Paris,

Saying, here lies one of the great ones.

Then I play his songs all day long.