Four People I Hated. What Now?

Growing up I hated four people.

They were Betty Friedan (feminist),

Earl Warren (corrupt judge), Lyndon Johnson

(assassin), Martin Luther king (pervert).

Today, they are my heroes.

To state the obvious – I’ve changed.

Friedan freed woman from enslavement,

Warren, Johnson, and King freed enslaved African Americans.

Of the four, I believe King was not only the greatest African

American, but our greatest American. His philosophy

Is the key stone holding democracy in place.

J. Edgar Hoover said he was a womanizer,

A communist, and I don’t know what else.

He was not perfect, but he was

Perfect enough.

What’s up? Why have I changed so much?

I am a man of two minds.

This mind won out,

People should evolve, right?

I’ve evolved.

Picasso was the weirdest artist.

He is now my favorite artist.

People are strange.

Jim Morrison was a druggy scum bag

Whose songs were too long.

Now I proudly show grandchildren

His grave in Paris,

Saying, here lies one of the great ones.

Then I play his songs all day long.