I hear her saying roger

I look around she’s not there this happens more frequently now

There is no answer for it

Other than hearing voices now

I think I am nearing the start of coming apart.

She has a calming voice

That’s why I don’t mind hearing her voice

As I continue turning around

Even when she’s not there


I do one thing at a time

She does many things all the time

I try to do more than one thing at a time

She refuses to do only one thing at a time

So I’m back to doing one thing at a time


I laugh a lot

She laughs less than that

She has learned to laugh

more than that

I continue to laugh a lot


It must always be a discount for her

It must be a fast purchase for me

So that’s why she stopped inviting me

as she shops for discounts for me


We are a good team when it comes to money

She manages it

I invest it

when she wants, she invests it too

She’s known for generous tipping too

Grocery Shopping

I have a list, I find the items, I put them in the shopping cart

She comes behind and takes them out,

and puts what she wants into the shopping cart


We’ve slept in bed together for over forty five years

She now says she refuses to sleep with a third person in our bed

The iPad has to go, she says

Or you’ll be sleeping in another bed


My wife wanted our children

To possess a thing or two

To be educated and independent too.

Underneath I wanted them to be tough too

They’ve all accomplished more than the two

They’re educated, independent and tough too

Children, cont.

Having educated, independent and tough children

Changes everything

They are no longer children

They are adults like you

as you know, adults have their own ideas

Even about you

That’s fine with me, is it with you?