My Life In Six Verses and Five Lines

Harold was my first friend away from home

One day after school he followed me home

His father came around and spanked him hard

He wet his pants he was spanked so hard

I felt bad I let Harold follow me home

Even at six I knew Harold should have gone home


I had a good friend in sixth grade summer school

One day we went to Walker’s Department Store after school

Jim’s foot got caught in the space between the stairs and wall of the escalator

I was scared he would be swallowed up by the escalator

At the bottom, the stairs came apart and Jim’s foot came loose from the escalator

Since that time I have never gotten on an escalator after school

After that summer I made sure I never, ever went back to summer school.


In eighth grade my buddy invited me to try out for the swim team

I was afraid to try, fearing I would be cut from the team

Jeff encouraged me saying it wouldn’t be hard

So I did and found out it wasn’t hard

it was my first experience at making a team

Jeff and I spent the next five years swimming on the swim team.


My freshman year of college my friend asked me to be in a play

Marlene said the director wanted me to be in the play

The play was a satire on the sexual mores of German culture

It turned out to be a satire on California culture

my reading improved being in the play

improve your reading by being in a play.


One day I decided I wanted to get married

In six months I was married

Cheri and I had five children

Now we have fifteen grandchildren

I love being married

It was my best decision to get married


I decided to spend the rest of my life writing

My son gave me an opportunity to spend my time writing

Good writing has the qualities of efficiency and clarity

Of the two I would continue to choose efficiency and clarity

I am a better thinker because I have spent my time writing

I am happy my son gave me the opportunity to spent my days writing


If you noticed I wrote six verses composed of six lines

Except one verse had seven lines

I’m adding an extra line to the five verses

Now all the verses will have seven lines

Now there are – kinda – six verses with seven lines