Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw:

Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw: He Delays

Why did Hamlet delay??

Writers cannot resist,
trying to discern
why Hamlet delayed.

Hamlet’s tragic flaw wears well.
Since 1600, the play always ends,
yet continues to play another day.

Still we ask,
why did Hamlet delay?

You delay and life wears away.


Acting On What’s In My Head

I started thinking hard
inside my head.

I acted on the thinking
going on inside my head.

I continue to act
on what’s going on in my head.


What Ends Well?

Acting well
ends well.

Getting angry doesn’t end
with anything ending well.

Contemplating revenge,
puts you nearly in the ground.

Taking revenge
nearly puts another In the ground.

Anger and revenge
belong In the ground.

Only acting well
ends  well.