Turn Out The Lights; Turn On The Lights

When the music’s over

Turn out the lights

I was in a Paris graveyard

I saw the Argentine rugby team

Looking down at a grave.


Why are you looking at this grave?


Jim Morrison, one whispered, as he knelt down on both knees

I stepped into the cave at Lascaux, France

And looked up at the light on the wall

In awe

I could not believe what I saw

The most beautiful art of all

I ever saw

I heard Picasso say

I too was in the cave at Lascaux one day

And saw the same paintings that I saw

In the cave

That day

He said,

The greatest art of all

He ever saw

He painted what he saw

On the wall

He painted that bull that was on the wall

He painted

Many bulls

Just like the bull he saw on the wall

I saw my wife at the bottom of the hill

Trimming and shaping the bushes

Around the boulders at the bottom of the hill

At the middle of the hill

I saw her do the same

And the same on top of the hill

Our home is on the hill

I look out in every direction

The hill is alive in every direction

It is now a beautiful hill

Every night I go down stairs

To turn out the lights

I don’t turn out the lights

There’s so much beauty on the wall

My wife says

Please turn out the lights

I say, look how beautiful

You’ve made our wall

All the art that’s on the wall

Ode To So Cal – With Help From Eagles And Stones