The Biology Economy

Here comes the Biology Economy. It is going to create millions, even hundreds of millions of new products and hundreds of thousands of new companies. Its mission is to improve health and extend the life of all humans.

Three Phases

The Biology Economy will come in three phases.

Phase one will be the Age of Spare Parts – this is a time when your joints, organs, ligaments, muscles, etc. will be replaced on a regularly scheduled basis. We’ll be the first generation to unite the robot with the human.

Phase two will see the perfection of Gene Profiling. Here, scientists will go to the very center of what makes you up – your genes – and take a picture of them. If they see that one of your genes is faulty, they’ll customize a medicine or solution specifically targeted to repair it. As is the case with most diseases, such as cancer and heart trouble, which are genetic in origin, early gene profiling will become the most universal right that individuals will demand to participate in.

Phase three will be the pleasant time of Wellness. Staying well will take on a whole new meaning. As we come to understand that we become what we eat and drink, food and beverage will leap forward in nutritional benefit, enabling us to control the outcome of our own health.

Plan To Make It Part of Your Future

I believe that planning for the future is just about the greatest skill humans possess. Think about it. Humans have the ability to think about something that does not yet exist, and then make it come true, by planning for it. Nothing in the universe that we know of, can do that but humans.

So, if you want the Biology Economy to be a big part of your future, plan to make it so. Here are two suggestions.

A. Engage your Imagination. Dreaming about a better life for yourself is a big part of planning. For example, let’s say you are thirty years old and you start imagining yourself as a 100 year old person who is just as active as you are today. Why not? If the Biology Economy delivers on its promise, there is no reason why this could not happen to you. Also, the fastest growing segment of the population is the over 100 age group. So, go ahead, ‘imagine big’ about you and the Biology Economy. I am convinced that one of the biggest disappointments of our lives will be that most of us did not imagine ‘big enough’ about ourselves.

B. Write it down. There comes a time when you need to take a position. It is one thing to ‘imagine big’, but another to take a position about what you have imagined. Writing down, in an affirmative manner, what you have envisioned about yourself is a powerful way to not only focus your thinking, but drive your behavior. For example, if you were to take the vision of “…seeing yourself as an active 100 year old person…”, and commit that to writing by saying, “I am going to live to be a very active 100 year old person”, all of the sudden you will begin to focus your attention on things that will contribute to that. All the resources necessary are all around you, but you do not see them until you focus your thinking. After that, you will begin to see things that you had not seen before. In turn, your behavior changes because you start to engage and use those resources.

In Conclusion

Good health and a long life are goals worth pursuing. The new Biology Economy will put that reality within the reach of all of us.

Personal control will be the watchwords of this new era. Whether it is scheduling the regular replacement of body parts, probing deeply to repair genetic blueprints, or targeting food and drink intake for maximizing nutritional benefit, we will take control of the destiny of our bodies.

Knowing this it is imperative that we exercise the greatest of all gifts bestowed upon us: The Ability to Plan Our Future. “Planning doth make it so.”