The Aroma And Taste Will Be Pleasant Dad


The Aroma And Taste Will Be Pleasant Dad

Fifteen  years ago my wife and I  created

a  plan for ourselves.

It was a ten year strategic plan.

We looked into the future

and  created a vision for ourselves.

We asked, what kind

of future did we want for ourselves?

We saw a new business,

one based on improving health,

I guess for ourselves

If nothing else.

We already had a business, we said.

But that’s what the vision said.

Then one day our son said,

Here’s a plan I have.

It was a business plan

to make a new beverage.

I bowed my head and thought,

there are so many beverages to be had.

What kind of beverage do you see

In your head?

Green tea, he said.

I must have tasted tea some place, I said.

Tea doesn’t taste good, I said.

Then I started reading about the history of green tea.

It’s the oldest drink to ever be had.

What’s this I read?

It’s the healthiest drink man has ever had?

I’m going to grind  the leaf into powder Dad,

and  make all kinds of flavors to be had.

Its aroma and taste will be very pleasant Dad.

So, we went along with the lad.

There were times the business

made me sad,

causing me to feel I had gone mad.

But then I began to see it was what we saw

in the vision  we had crafted for ourselves.

I’m no longer sad,

no longer verging on going mad.

The green tea  has so many flavors to be had.

And he was right when he said,

the aroma and taste will be very pleasant Dad.