Susceptible To Spiritual Experience

I woke up from a dream

It was no ordinary dream


I made decisions based on this dream

One day something happened just like in the dream


I’ve had lots of dreams

This one was more real than a dream


I considered this a spiritual dream

Because it wasn’t like any other dream


While cutting my lawn I heard a voice

I was given promises by this voice


I memorized the words of this voice

This was not an inside my head voice


This was an outside my head voice

This was a spiritual voice


I started asking questions of this spiritual voice

Answers came immediately from the voice


After a time the voice became an inside my head voice

After a while I gave up asking questions of the voice


This is when my obsession with the rational mind began

I never want my work with the rational mind to end


But it happened again

The spiritual mind began again


I leaned over a rail

To observe Roman ruins


I saw a man appear under an arch

He was as old as the arch


He said he made the arch

He said it was a two thousand year old arch


I’ll be more careful this time around

It was a spiritual vision of a man I saw


Brick Arch in Rome

I was leaning over a rail

Looking at ruins below


I spotted a brick arch

Sitting under it appeared a man


He looked up at me

You like the brick arch I made, he asked


Yes I do I said

This arch is two thousand years old he then said


There’s sweat dropping from your brow I said

I’ve made more than one arch today he said


You’re just like me

Except I don’t make arches I said


Yes, I’m just like you

Did you expect anything less he said