Some Lessons I’ve learned

Don’t argue with someone who knows more than you.

Wait until they exhaust their knowledge on you.

That’s when they’ll have no more knowledge than you.


If you get sued,

consider yourself lucky

if you’re the defendant.

The person suing

spends all the money,

pushes all the issues,

makes all the threats,

demands settlement,

labors for years,

and often concludes,

It would have been

better not to sue.


I learned this in high school

as a competitive swimmer.

Never consider marrying

a girl until you see her

without makeup.


51% is the
magic number.
Anything less,
you don’t
own it.
You don’t
control it.
And don’t
become a gambler
unless you can
guarantee it,
which you can’t.

Be generous in tipping,
and there will always
be room for you.

Always give to the homeless
In the street. It’s the only purely
moral thing you’ll do.

Remember, it’s all opinion,
No matter who says it.

Don’t be obsessed about life
after death. Live fully
in this life.

Debt is good. Too much
debt is cancer.

Borrow to invest spells success.
Borrow to consume spells doom.

Don’t take love lightly,
heart ache reminds
us everyday how
good love is

Mostly life is lived with a veil over our minds.
Occasionally the veil lifts and we awaken.
No one lifts that veil but us.

Own your body,
own your labor,
own your money.
For this to all
be known,
there are those
who work to own
and most of
all, your

Don’t hurt little children.
Don’t hurt women,

Someday we will not have to continue to extend our lives, because
we will have extended them longer and longer and longer.
Then we’ll ask: why are we living so long?
That will be a good question to ask.

I’ve never been in
a gorgeous home
that doesn’t have
some rooms full of
clutter. If you have,
be cautious of the
owner, they’re neur

The best thing
I ever did was
create an idea,
own the idea,
act on the idea,
from the idea.
That initial series
of feelings of:
seeing money
come in has
never left me.

If I have a holy spot within me,
it is, I have made my way.