Mixed Up

I was in Washington DC when the government shut down.

Government at a national level has become confusing to me.

So much so, I had to take a step back and get a clearer perspective.

I started reading about something I know absolutely nothing about –

Democracy in India.

There are 28 states, 34 official languages, and 40% comprehension of the official language, Hindi.

For many years the central government told each state what they could and could not manufacture.

As a result India continued to be pitifully poor.

That practice has now been dropped. Local state governments are becoming more powerful, and entrepreneurs are making what they want wherever they want to make it.

India is slowly becoming richer. The citizens demand it, and they’re starting to get it. This is a huge endorsement for localism. And an indictment of power concentrated at the central level. I need to remember this and not get carried away with loathing the tea party on how they have forced a shutdown of the federal government.

On the other hand, you know what local states are now doing in India? They’re working to reform the central government so it can be more effective and powerful in helping India as a whole become stronger. If anyone should know about what should be done with their central government it should be the successful leaders at a state level. And what’s their answer in India? They’re reforming the central government in order to make it STRONGER and more effective in helping people meet needs.

Lesson learned? Work tirelessly for strong local government, but ensure that the federal government is also strong. Stop trying to dismantle the federal government.

Do both. Strong federal government, strong local government.

Don’t put citizens in an either or situation. Either you’re for states’ rights or you’re for a powerful central government. We need both.