“I’ve Done It My Way”

In charting my course

four men surfaced

who were willing to

support me along my



Soon I realized the help

was turning deeper in a

personal way.


I appreciated the

help they give, but

taking it to a deeper

level was challenging,

I would have to say.


With whom do I stick, come

what may?


The first was a teacher,

with him I overcame

my inability to succeed



Mid way through though, I

decided to step out and

go my own way.


The second person was

a businessman; this

came in my mid thirties;

he offered me opportunities.


Then came the moment:

do I take a chance to go

all the way? Again, I went

my own way.


My religious journey was a

long way? Two men emerged

along the way, their orthodoxy

got in the way, so I backed away.


I wrote and spoke from

inside of me, I assure

you it was not orthodoxy.


Three of the four are gone now

the fourth probably too,

what could have been

had I gone their way?


Maybe more would

have come my way, but it

would not have been my



“I’ve done it my way.”