War is evil.

Get in, get out –

be awakened again

to how evil war has always been.


War is born in the human soul.

What would happen if war

was purged from

the human soul?


Alas, too hard to do.

Nothing less than creating

new souls will do.


Humans train their young to kill.

The young kill and killed they are.

That shadow in our soul is ill.


Let human 2.0

be the cure

to make humans new.


Human 2.0 is where

humans will go.

Only a new soul will do.

Human 2.0

is human’s creation

of a new human soul,


having removed

the mutation of war

from the human soul.


Human 2.0 prevents

the evil of war

before humans conceive

of yet another war.


Human 2.0 fills the earth,

Mars too.

By that time

human 2.1 will be what’s new.