Dare To Say: True, Two, Too, Do And No, So, Do, To

I can’t seem to

keep a favorite.

Peter O’Toole,

as Lawrence, was

once upon a time. True.

But later on I thot, too

much makeup, too

much exaggeration.

Food is the same way too.

I have favorites

until I order two.

Is there nothing

I can count on to

be the same

from beginning to


Newton thot so –

but Einstein said no.

Einstein thot so

but Bohr said no.

In philosophy,

Kant said so,

but Locke said no.

In religion,

you say so,

but I say no.

If we decide to

save our souls,

we should hope

the answer is no.

This allows us to

search for answers

that do

not exist

but will if

we dare to

say, they do