Green Tea: Lesson 2 How Much Green Tea?

Quick Answer: As you know by now, green tea offers a whole host of health benefits, but many studies have found that it takes anywhere from 5-20 cups of green tea per day before positive effects on health begin to show up.

However, adding green tea extract can make a single cup of green tea as catechin rich as 20 cups of regular green tea! Since there is no toxicity associated with the intake of green tea or its extract, it’s safe to drink as much as you want.

Long Answer

In the average cup of green tea, there may be anywhere from 5-100 mg of catechins. Many of the studies done on green tea have concluded that a daily intake of 5-50 cups of green tea (the equivalent of 300-400mg of catechins, using the higher amount) is necessary to achieve certain health benefits.

According to Dr. Yukihiko Hara, director of Food Research Labs in Japan and the distinguished author of several scientific studies on green tea, to get the minimum amount of catechins (300mg) from an extract, you’d need about 480mg of a 50:1 extract that contains 60% catechins. (60% of 480mg is 300mg).

Unfortunately, many liquid extracts don’t tell you what their catechin percentage is, or they don’t list their strength.

As you can see, figuring out how to get the desired amount of green tea catechins from an extract is quite difficult and confusing.


Fortunately! We list the quantity of EGCG on every pixie (200mg). By drinking two pixies of Green Tea HP each day, you receive 400mg of EGCG. Enjoy one with breakfast and one with lunch.