10 Foods YOU Should Absolutely Never Eat!

1. Shark Meat
– When consumed, the mercury levels in shark meat can cause coordination loss, blindness, even death.

2. Margarine
– The label reads cholesterol free, but it’s just a tub of trans fat.

3. Fish Sticks
– Fish sticks are healthy until you toss in the breadcrumbs and fry it in oil.

4. Juices
– Juices are packed with added sugar.

5. Flavored Yogurt
– The healthy little snack cups of yogurt or granola mix-ins are an avalanche of sugar.

6. Condiments
– Condiments overload your food with unnecessary fat, sugar and calories.

7. Waffle Cones
– Waffle cones filled with ice cream, loaded with syrup, crammed with sugar is going straight to your pancreas (to produce a rush of insulin) and then to your gut (to live there are fat).

8. Sausage and Bacon
– Two links of sausage have 420 mg of sodium. Three slices of bacon have 450 mg of sodium.

9. Potato Chips
– Most chips are deep fried in trans fat, which sky rockets cholesterol levels and raises your risk of heart disease.

10. Cinnamon Rolls
– Just on cinnamon roll delivers about half the calories and all of the fat you should consume in one day.