10 Weight Loss Questions Answered in 5 Words or Less

Q1: I’m working out more than ever but still not losing weight. Why not?
A: You’re eating too many calories.

Q2: Why do I always want dessert after lunch and dinner?
A: You’ve trained yourself. Untrain yourself.

Q3: I hear that fruit has sugar. How much should I eat of it?
A: Eat plenty, don’t drink any.

Q4: What’s more important? The number of calories you eat or the type of calories you eat?
A: Pick quality over quantity.

Q5: What’s the deal with celebrities cutting dairy and losing so much weight?
A: Lactose can cause bloating.

Q6: Should I blot my pizza?
A: Yes.

Q7: Are veggie chips healthy?
A: No.

Q8: True or false: Chocolate is actually healthy?
A: Only if it’s 70%+ cacao.

Q9: Margarine or butter?
A: Butter. Better yet, olive oil.

Q10: Should I drink green tea all day, every day, for the rest of my life?
A: Yes.