Top Five Negative Calorie Foods (Ranked)

How do you eat more while losing more weight at the same time? One of the best answers is to eat “negative-calorie” foods, meaning that these foods actually take more energy to digest than they deliver to your body.

5. Celery – 1 celery stalk contains a mere 6 calories. Take a couple bites and you have already burned more than you are eating. Wahooo!

4. Grapefruit – So healthy it’s even got its own diet named after it, grapefruit is known to reduce bloating by flushing water through the body. Though it does contain calories, it also contains an antioxidant known as naringenin, which triggers the liver to break down fat.

3. Broccoli – This nutrient-rich vegetable has just 25 calories in half a cup. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, both soluble and insoluble fiber, folic acid and calcium. It controls high blood pressure and can help prevent colon cancer. Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, broccoli is worth eating for all the other benefits it provides.

2. Watermelon and Mangoes – Both watermelon and mangoes consist of mostly water. Watermelon has just 80 calories per cup and one whole mango has about 150 calories. Both are high in sugar though, so consider eating to satisfy a sweet craving instead of as a way to burn extra calories.

1. GreenTeaHP – While it’s true the average GreenTeaHP pixie is right around 7 calories, the calories burned while tearing open our convenient, go-anywhere package, mixing it in a reusable plastic water bottle, and shaking it until mixed to refreshing perfection are right around…7!

That is why GreenTeaHP holds the number 1 spot for being the tastiest negative calorie food on the market.