How To Quit Diet Soda

1. Quit buying it.
Do you still buy Diet Coke–even after you quit–to have on hand for friends and family members? If it’s in the house, you’ll drink it. Luckily, this is an easy fix.

2. Choose a substitute and keep it handy.
Drinking plain water instead of diet soda sounds noble and all, but it doesn’t satisfy a Diet Soda craving. Keep your fridge stocked with cold water bottles and then pop in a pixie powdered green tea beverage. smile emoticon To try GreenTeaHP as your diet soda alternative that will deliver more energy, more weight management benefits and only 7 calories, visit, Do it!

3. Know your weak spots.
Do you crave Diet Coke on hot summer days and when you’re eating spicy foods? IF you know it, then this craving will not catch you off guard in these situations: expect it. Somehow knowing the reason why you’re craving diet soda you will feel better–and will help you choose a different option more cheerfully. Also, carry your substitute with you, maybe a bunch of pixie powdered beverages?

4. Take baby steps.
Maybe going cold turkey isn’t for you. That’s okay. Start by giving up Diet Coke for a week–or maybe just a weekend. Drop down from four a day to one a day.

5. Turn to science.
Start studying the pattern of habits. Habits are largely unconscious, which is why they’re so hard to break. Your brain is so used to treading the same path that it’s hard to forge new ones. That goes double for something that’s a daily habit, which has worn deep grooves into your brain’s carpet. The trouble with stopping that behavior is you’ve already conditioned your unconscious mind.

6. Study the negatives effects.
Google ‘diet soda health effects.’ Share what you find with your friends.

It’s been done many times before, you can do it!