5 Things Wrecking Your Weightloss

When it comes to diet and weight loss, there is a massive amount of information, and misinformation available.

“Carbs are bad” “Never eat any fats” “Good fats and bad fats” “Good carbs and bad carbs”

You’ve heard them all.

How do you decipher the good from the bad?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common dietary villains.

1. Cutting Foods Entirely: Carbs are a popular “Don’t ever eat this” item at the moment. The problem with this, or carbs, etc. is that your body needs a mix of fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbs to function at an optimal level. If you are cutting out any of these completely, your body will attempt to compensate those lost calories in other ways. Usually evoking cravings for even more calories, and ultimately leaving you unsatisfied.

2. Too Much of a Good Thing: It’s pretty common that when eating a healthy diet, we look past the calories we are ingesting. Avocados for example are extremely healthy and a great source of “good fat”, but they are still fairly high in calories. Keep this in mind when eating otherwise healthy foods. Portion size still matters.

3. Falling of the Wagon: When you go out for dinner with friends, you may want to go for a steak and potato, followed by a “Better Than Sex” cake. This is fine. Do it from time to time. The problems come when you let this continue into the next day, or week. It is important to jump right back into your healthy ways after you have a “cheat” meal.

4. Peer Pressure: Just because you are an adult does not mean you are immune to peer pressure. When you are out to lunch with coworkers or friends, and you order a salad, like clockwork someone will chime in with “Ewww, a salad? Have something good, like a cheeseburger.” Be strong!!

5. Not Having A Well-Balanced Diet: Just as you should not be cutting anything out entirely, you need to eat a bit of everything. Have meals with a good source of protein, fiber, and some fats. This will leave you feeling satisfied until your next well-balanced meal.

If you’re struggling with your weight loss, it could be one or several of the things on the list, holding you back.

Take stock and make changes now.

Putting it off for even one meal is too long.