Your Summer Running Guide

Whether you are a already “a runner”, or you are just beginning. here are few of the most important tips to get you off and running.

  1. Dress For Success: Invest in a good pair of running shoes. This will be the best money you spend all year. In addition, talk to your local sporting goods specialist to ensure that you are equipped for the long run (spandex shorts, running socks, etc.).
  2. Team Up: Find a running partner, friend or join a running club. Sometimes it is nice to hit the road solo with some great music and clear your head. Sometimes, it is nice to have a team around to motivate and push you. *feel free to be the one doing the pushing
  3. Go For It: If you are a beginner, it is important to know that it does get easier. Learn to relish the pain and thrive on the challenge.
  4. Keep A Journal: This is both important and fun. Track your progress, your routes and your times. Know that not every run will be better than the last, but you will certainly see improvement over time. Challenge yourself.
  5. Eat Like An Athlete: What is the use of pounding out a 5k if you are going to come home and eat a duo of donuts? The mind and the body will work together on this. As you run, you will naturally want to eat better and as you eat better, you will feel more like going for a run. Track your eating habits in your journal.
  6. Stay Hydrated: This means all day. Drink enough water to make up for what you sweat out during your run. Remember to drink two pixies of Green Tea HP, every day.
  7. Read And Study: Subscribe to running magazines or blogs. Discuss your questions and concerns openly. If you have a question, ask.
  8. Vary Your Runs: Trail running is both more fun and easier on your body. Take in the view. If you are in the city, find some nearby hills.
  9. Safety First: When you plan your runs, do what you can to avoid high traffic areas and busy streets. Run facing traffic and stay alert.
  10. Start Small: No good will come from pushing yourself too far, too fast. Find a track (your local high school should work) and start by running for a minute, then walking for two minutes. Build up your endurance.
  11. Plan: Make plans to run a 5k. Do this with your running partners. Having something to strive for is great motivation, and just entering a race can be a great accomplishment.

Remember, it is not about having the best equipment. Although having a good pair of running shoes is important, don’t get caught up in the expensive gadgets and tricks. The best gadget is time spent running.

Hit the road, have fun and be safe.