You Need To Understand This: Let's Reverse The Money Flow

It fascinates me that no matter where I’ve traveled, everyone on the face of the earth communicates with the same language STRUCTURE. Not the same language, but the same language STRUCTURE.

Come to find out, throughout human history everyone has been born with the ability to construct a sentence in the same way. A simple example is, “the dog caught the ball.” Dog is the subject, caught is the verb, and ball is the object. No matter what language you speak, or how “primitive” your culture might be, we all basically construct a sentence in the same way.

I’ve been up and down parts of the Nile River, the Amazon River, the Mississippi River, the Yellow River.   I’ve been to Mt. Sinai, the Ozark Mountains, the Appalachian  Mountains, and the Swiss Alps.  I’ve been to Watts, Manhattan, and Moscow. I tell you it’s all the same. Whether you talk to a goat herder, or the merchant in the street, or the American president, it’s all the same. From the beginning we humans have always constructed sentences the same way. The hunter who lived ten thousand years ago communicated in the same way as you and I do today.

The key to developing  basic logic is through using and developing this innate ability to form a sentence, which is a trait humans have shared in common for at least 100,000 years. (Noam Chomsky).

Our inherent language structure facilitates our ability to communicate ideas clearly, simply, and factually. We are able to do this because we have had certain genes baked into our  DNA allowing us to construct sentences in a similar fashion. This allows us to develop logical sequencing of thoughts one sentence at a time.

I’m not telling you anything new, so what is it I’m trying to get at?

We now live in a world where specialists rule. For example, business leaders  from elite universities have learned the technical language of finance and marketing to employ TRICKS to direct the flow of money away from the middle class.

The time has come to stop this. We have to direct the money flow back to the middle class.

But how? By using the power of language. Our language created us, now it must save us.

The path to  prosperity in this new age is attained  by using information technology to talk and reason with one another. Our greatest power resides in what nature has given us from the beginning – a structure of language that allows us to empower ourselves one sentence at a time.

Here’s a starter: let’s reverse the money flow. Let’s (subject in command form), reverse (verb), money flow (object). Keep saying it. Pretty soon others will say
It. Even the tricksters will start saying it. Eventually, money will reverse course, and start flowing back to the middle class. Now that’s the power of our language.