Why Be Positive?

There’s so much to be negative about.

Babies lose their lives in war.

Young children die of disease.

People are tortured all the time.

After all that, why am I still positive about life?

Why do I look for that better day?

Yes, I get depressed.

That’s because the unexpected

Hits me by surprise.

That’s because I’m confident,

Because I’m positive.

When I descend,

It’s hell down there.

I fight to get out of being down there,

Because it’s better to be up than to be down.

After all these years,

I have seen manipulation by those I admired.

I can see self interest at work all the time.

Yet, my natural path follows

A positive line.

I continue to sense

Things work out for me.

The older I get the more It bothers me

My father died

When he was just 48,

Even though I only met him once

When I was three.

It bothers me more that my

Mother died at 58.

She died from what I escaped.

That’s not fair I say.

All the time I say it’s not fair.

But at the end of the day,

I go forward full of hope for a better day.

I think I’ve figured out

Where god came from.

From us he came from.

I feel good about that.

Really now, a lot of good

Has come my way.

That’s why I’m positive on my way.

If you were beaten when you were young,

If you were neglected when you were young,

If you were made to do terrible things when you were young,

I can understand why you grow up mad about life.

If your genes create a map in you

That causes you to be sad about life,

I understand that too.

I am no better than you.

Some of you will transfer your pain

And create works of art about life

That will last as long as man is here.

You will let us see we are not alone

In this terrible life that is always and forever here.

Whatever you do, don’t put me in a rest home.

Drop me off on the corner somewhere.

I’ll be perfectly happy fighting for

My life out there.

I’m happy now,

I’ve said it all.