What The Worker Of The Future Is Looking For: You’ll Be Surprised

The worker of the future will be different from any other worker in history.

You will want to know what kind of worker they will be, and ensure you have as many of them as possible working with you.

Here’s the catch: they may not want to be with you unless you have the following characteristics:


Management teams made up of all male, white, and Protestant are disabilities.

Today’s markets are diverse: male, female, black, yellow, brown, white, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhists, young, old, rich, moderate, working poor, etc. Each demographic has plenty of money and is ready to spend.

If you are a bunch of white males trying to figure out the nuances of an ever growing diverse buying market, you are going to get blindsided.

The worker of the future will understand that unless your employee base is extremely diverse, they will have to pass up wanting to work for you, because staying up with the market will mean your workforce will have TO BE the market.



If you ‘re working at the same place with a bunch of your high school buddies and you’ve been at it for at least ten years, you will find that the worker of the future will understandably have to pass up coming to work for your company.

One of the proofs that your company is growing with the times is when you look around and realize that your fellow employees are from different states and nations.

It’s not who you know and have worked with all your life, it’s who NEW you’ve met and are starting to work with from other places. The further apart the better.

If your company is so local that everyone has been hatched from the same pond, there won’t be enough intellectual differentiation to figure out the wide differences in taste and preference in far off markets you’ll have a chance to serve.

That’s the new worker coming at you. They’re not picky because they’re spoiled and lazy, they’re picky because they know what it takes in a workforce that can meet ever increasing consumer demands.