What Is My Brain? . . . Yours Too

I hate analogies. I like getting to the facts, and communicating them as literally as possible.

But, if I did that in describing your and my brains, the definitions would be so technical that it would be nearly impossible for the layman to understand.

So, I’m left with using analogies. Here we go.

If you were to put your brain into your hands, it would feel like moist, tender, ground round hamburger, only softer, slipperier, and  more fragile. Not as fragile as a recently deceased jellyfish in your hands, but much softer and far more moist than ground round.

Next the brain functions like a computer, but twenty to thirty times more powerful than the most powerful computer that now exists.

So, the brain is like very soft, moist, fragile ground round with a computer stuck in it. A computer is nothing more than tiny little electrical charges going off.

Hence, the brain is very soft, exceeding fragile ground round  with  a computer embedded in it that has millions of electric charges going off. If you were an ant looking at the raw brain, it would look like a dazzling light show, that is if your were wearing a pair of MRI glasses.

The more I think about my brain, the more I wonder why I would ever play one down of football. As it was, I played water polo, and was knocked out once. Someone hit me with a closed fist, which traumatized my brain for a few minutes, aka gave me a concussion.

If the universe is to be saved, and humans are to find a way to survive forever, we don’t want to mess around with our brains. We need to care for our brains, nurture them, let them know we love them.

What does the brain produce that’s so valuable? Information – all the information in the universe if we’re careful and responsible in cultivating our brains.

What will the brain create that’s more important than itself? Brains that are much, much greater than itself. And right now, we’re on the move to do just that. That’s why I’m optimistic about our future.

So what will these greater brains be called? Why not, God brains. Jesus hinted at it when he said in John 10:34, “did I not say, ‘you are gods.’ ” Perhaps, at a minimum we will create much, much greater brains than our own. Whether we become gods because we created these new brains, or we call these superior brains gods, it is a moral equivalent.  ( In the end, who cares what titles are given out.)

These God brains will create worlds without end. They will make it so we and they can understand how we all get to a new universe as our present one eventually comes apart. Granted that won’t happen for several billion years yet, but if we want human beings to survive and thrive, we will need to have this kind of bold vision of ourselves.

Without our brains and their ability to create great and marvelous works and wonders, our species might go the way of all other preceding species. Our brains make the difference.