What Happens 60 minutes After Drinking A Can Of Soda?

60 Minutes

Just one can of fizzy drink a day can increase the risk of heart attack by a third and dramatically raise the chance of diabetes and stroke, the largest ever study has found.

The research by Harvard school of public health found that regularly drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by a quarter (26 per cent), the risk of heart attack or fatal heart disease by a third (35 per cent) and the risk of stroke by a sixth (16 per cent).

So, what happens 60 minutes after drinking a can of soda?

10 mins: Your body takes in 10 teaspoons of sugar, this is 100% of recommended sugar intake per day.

20 mins: Blood sugar levels hit the roof, triggering an overdose of insulin and forcing the liver to turn all sugar into fat at a rapid pace.

40 mins: Caffeine is completely absorbed. Causes pupil dilation, spike in blood pressure and numbs the adenosine receptors in the brain to prevent drowsiness. Dopamine levels increase and stimulate pleasure points in the brain, similar to how heroin works.

50 mins: Calcium, magnesium and zinc from the lower intestine bind with phosphoric acid to boost metabolism, which occurs with high doses of sugar. This increases excretion of urine and loss of calcium through it.

60 mins: The bonded calcium, sodium, and magnesium that was to reach your bones, has to leave your system because of its clogged state. Slowly the sugar settles and causes a sugar crash, causing you to become irritable. In an hour, you would’ve urinated all the water from a can of soda along with vital nutrients that were supposed to be used by your body.

For an alternative drink GreenTeaHP, ten minutes before breakfast, another ten minutes before lunch and then with your water throughout the day.