We Must Learn To First Defeat The Competitor Within

I’ve been a management consultant for over thirty-five years.

It took me a decade to develop a primary set of strategies that would help companies learn how to win a battle with their competitors.

I continued to add strategies after that, and finally ended up with what I called “sixteen off the shelf strategies.”

Of the sixteen, only nine were dedicated to directly engaging an outside competitor. The other seven strategies were centered in getting your “house in order.”

Over the span of three decades plus, I would say that seventy percent of the strategies companies chose to implement came from the list of seven strategies to get your house in order.

I learned a valuable lesson from that. To succeed, it’s most often not the fight outside that counts the most. Win the battle inside yourself, and that will cause you to be successful at most anything you set out to do.

Let that be a lesson to all.

Your greatest competition you’ll face is yourself. Better stated: The greatest competitor I had to face and overcome was myself.