Up Your Fat Burning Prowess With These 11 Tips

1. Pick your pump-up playlist.
Having some high tempo tunes can keep you energized and motivated throughout your workout. Pick songs that you enjoy and you will feel the increase in energy.

2. Begin your workout with intensity. Do some jumping jacks or spend a couple minutes with a jump rope. These high intensity starters will get your entire body warmed up more quickly and provide for better fat burning potential for the duration of your workout.

3. Lift and Pull. Resistance and weight training is a must, if you are looking to blast fat.

4. Join A Group or Class. Whether you are a member of a gym, or you workout at home, find a run club, or fitness class that you can attend. Even if it is just once a week, having a group of people together is not only a fun way to sweat it out, it is a sure fire way to up the intensity and duration — no one wants to be the first to say uncle.

5. Push-Ups. This is quite simply the best exercise you can do to sculpt a great upper body and toned arms. Mix it up with different hand positions, from close together — making a “diamond” out of your fingers, to a wide grip where your hands are past your shoulders. Challenge yourself to increase the number you can do each time.

6. Switch Up Your Cardio. Instead of hopping on the treadmill or hitting the road for a 30 minute jog, try some variation. Plan 20 minutes: sprinting for 60 seconds followed by a light jog for 120 seconds and repeating throughout your workout. This HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of the best ways to blast fat.

7. Switch It Up. One thing you can do to keep your body charged is to keep it guessing. Change up your routine often. Try new things — yoga, pilates, cycling, etc. This will keep your muscles from reaching a “plateau” and keep you from getting bored.

8. Keep A Journal. Track what exercises you do, how many reps and miles. Each week, commit to adding to what you have previously completed.

9. Map It. If you run or cycle around your neighborhood, try planning new courses to switch it up and increase the distance. Add some hills if possible. You will find that this keeps things fresh for your muscles and your mind.

10. Add A Stability Ball. These inflatable goldmines are an amazing way to increase the efficiency of your workouts. From a standard sit-up or crunch to lifting dumbbells over your head while sitting on one, this will increase your core strength and balance.

11. Schedule Your Workouts. This seems like a no-brainer, but if you fail to plan your exercise time, the chance you will skip it increases. Pick the best time for you and stick to it.