Umbrellas In The Sky

I am a globalist.

Since the election of Trump I’ve had to admit the power of localism is showing its full force.

For the next twenty or so years, it will be the forces of globalism against the forces of localism.

But beyond that, these forces will give birth to a new trend. This trend will also serve as a new idea that will unite us:

It will be the world uniting to fight the staggering effects of climate change. We will unite under the banner of environmentalism in order to alter the effects of global warming, global flooding, violent global weather patterns, and global pollution.

Populations will be disrupted by these events. Families will flee home and hearth, putting enormous strain on the resources of drinkable water and food stuffs.

Remarkable acts of nature will give birth to remarkable acts of human ingenuity. We will build a global infrastructure, allowing order and prosperity to return to the second half of the 21st century and the entire 22nd century.

One example of this infrastructure will be flexible umbrella like nets that will protect those regions of the world suffering most from global warming. These large nets will be high enough in the atmosphere making them invisible to the naked eye.

It will take trillions of dollars to build these umbrellas and launch them into space, but will return hundreds of trillions in economic growth as the earth turns back to more suitable temperatures.

All this and more will be the legacy of the new environmentalism that is in the very early stages of birth.

Hard as it is to comprehend right now, but more than likely such novel ideas as umbrellas in space will come about as the tension between localism and globalism gives birth to the uncontested necessity of environmentalism.