Two key reasons

Two key reasons to replace coffee, energy drinks and sodas, and supercharge your water with Green Tea HP™ instead. It’s so easy and the benefits are exponential.

We know that even when we know things are good for us, the time, money or inconvenience can make it hard to change our routine. That’s why we designed Green Tea HP™ to be the easiest, most economical nutritional super supplement available. And it works in two key ways to almost effortlessly help you change habits and your health:


They go where you go. Our convenient single serving pixies mix instantly with bottled water anywhere, anytime, making it easy to integrate the power of Green Tea HP™’s ultimate antioxidant alliance into even the busiest schedules and any diet.

It’s a


Not a supplement!

By replacing the high cost, high calorie, low nutrition drinks that currently provide you NO NUTRITIONAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT with Green Tea HP™, you not only REDUCE your consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrition beverages, you INCREASE your intake of energy, anti-aging, wellness, and weight loss promoting ingredients.


To increase absorption of EGCG, Green Tea HP™ contains a proprietary formulation of complementary antioxidants designed to work together to boost bioavailability and maximize EGCG and other antioxidant absorption and benefits.

EGCG: a powerful antioxidant exclusive to green tea clinically proven to help reduce the risk of chronic disease, improve overall wellness, and promote weight loss Açaí: Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, açaí has been prized for centuries for its healthful properties Noni Juice: Polynesian cultures have used noni for ages for vitality, strength and general health Pomegranate Juice: Contains potent antioxidants linked to cardiovascular health and mental clarity Resveratrol: One of the most promising anti-aging ingredients, resveratrol is the antioxidant found in the skin of grapes Trace Minerals: Derived from sea water, trace minerals provide key nutrition to facilitate proper cellular function Polyphenols(flavonoids), l-theanine, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fibers, and more….