Twelve Things That Bug Me

I believe the arc of history is long and tilts slightly upward. In other words, I believe human existence is moving in a positive direction.. We have highs and lows, but overall human evolution averages out to be a net gain.

But if all I did was dogmatically hold to the positive without acknowledging the things that bother me, I would be fooling myself.

So, every once in a while I blow off steam, and give vent to what is bugging me about life. So here are a few bugs:

1. Sightseeing with a tour group is boring. Tour buses have the same smell – hand wipes.

2. It’s hard to cover up belly fat. The only ones, who have no belly fat, have obsessive – compulsive personality disorders. The rest of us are jealous.

3. Admit that the stricter an honor code is, the bigger the subculture of honor code breakers becomes.

4. Everyone has a more or less pleasant public disposition, and a less than perfect private disposition.

5. The only good hotel is a new hotel. After that, they’re ALL the same. Fairly dirty.

6. The dirtiest place on earth? A constantly peed on airplane bathroom floor.

7.  A train wreck waiting to happen – a naturally talented kid who doesn’t practice.

8. People who are dependent on a paycheck cannot be trusted to be objective.

9. There’s one universal thing that all people want from you – money.

10. I’ve spent my life looking for a chair that is consistently comfortable. I haven’t found one yet.

11. Paris taxis don’t stop when you wave them down. You have to go to a taxi stand. They’re virtually impossible to find.

12. I don’t like great scientists, great surgeons, and great actors who state their personal political philosophies in public. More often than not, their opinions are shallow, and get in the way of their great professional accomplishments.