Traveling again today

I’ve spent a large part of my life on a plane


Traveling high above the ground today

I’ve traveled three million miles on planes


Landing soon, I feel gravity pulling me to the ground at this very moment today

Compared to engines a decade ago, these engines are quieter on this plane


I’m done for today

I’m getting off this plane


In two days from today

It’s back on the plane


I will continue to fly for many, many more days

but not without my wife with me


I’m more relaxed flying these days

Because my wife is flying with me


If they want my services these days

they pay full price for my wife and me


What does my wife do while I consult these days?

She writes books, but not about me


As you can see it isn’t about me these days

My wife is creating masterful works while flying with me


Back in our child rearing days

we decided our children would travel the world with us in cars and planes


When we started out, we didn’t have much money in those days

so we had to be creative to ensure our kids traveled the world on planes


We’ve made a new promise in recent days

that our grandchildren will travel with us throughout the world on planes


We have more money these days

so we’ll also invite our children to tend our grandchildren while flying by plane


We’ll probably end our days on a plane someday

but not until we travel to space on a rocket plane