Three Big Future Trends For The Rest Of The Twenty First Century

There is nothing more accurate by which to assess human progress than the inevitable march forward of technology.

Human life is tied more to the advancement of technology than to anything else. That includes evolution, heaven, hell, college football, etc.

Humans can best be understood by comprehending the profound history of technology and its relationship to the continuously emerging identity of us HOMO SAPIENS.

In other words, if you want to know where the human race is going, follow the future of technology.

With that in mind, let me share three techno trends that will guide human behavior for the rest of the twenty first century. They deal with age, weather, and the stars.

This century will see technology conquer aging, control the weather, and commence life on foreign planets.

We’ll control the weather before the weather kills us, we’ll double and triple lifespan as birth rate shrinks to alarmingly low levels, and we’ll start life on foreign planets to confirm that human life is worth protecting.

Control the weather: hurricanes in the south and east, draught in the west, chaotic temperature patterns in the Midwest. Solutions: control the weather by creating an infrastructure that absorbs weather conditions, or change the weather itself. We’ll do both.

Aging: we complain about over population, but population growth levels off around 2050, and from there a decline begins. At one point there will be a drought in babies being born. Answer: radically extend the age of living with a commensurate improvement in quality of life.

Settling other planets, etc. : Are humans worth saving? That is the question. Settling a new planet begins to improve the odds.

The future is before us in the present.