Things I Thought But I Don’t Think Anymore

I love to think, that is, to think better than I have thought. To craft thoughts that are original, at least are superior to those I have thought before.

It’s important to do this, because all we have are our thoughts.

Here are 12 of my thoughts that have changed over time:

1. I used to think it was important to have a strong set of beliefs as I matured. I don’t think that anymore. I think it is better to strip yourself of as many beliefs as possible as you mature.

2. I used to think there were good wars and bad wars. I don’t think that way anymore. There are just bad wars.

3. I used to think it was right because I thought it was right. I don’t think that way anymore. Thoughts are never completely right, because there are always opposing thoughts.

4. I used to think god was literally in heaven. I don’t think that anymore. I think the STORY of god is where god is.

5. I used to think you became smart by reading what the teacher assigned you to read. I don’t believe that anymore. You become smart by reading the assigned reading list, and then reading what everyone else is not reading.

6. I used to think envy was a vice. I don’t think that anymore. Envy pushes you to achieve more than you would have achieved.

7. I used to believe humans advanced. Nope. Technology advances as humans continue to create new technology.

8. I used to believe that as you grew older, your brain felt older. Nope. My body has grown older, but I don’t feel older.

9. I used to think people of various cultures were different. Nope. After hours we all talk about the same things.

10. I used to think there was a set number of truths in the universe. Nope. I think we will create truths as we travel through the universe.

11. I used to think it was a mere story to believe I would resurrect. No. I think we are in the process of learning how to clone ourselves over and over and over.

12. I used to believe there would be layer upon new layer of new insight that I would discover about myself. No. I am a continuous series of feedback loops.

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