The Voice Within May Quite Literally Be A Magnificent Gyroscope

In an earlier essay, I spoke of the two voices inside my head.

Originally, I believed that god’s voice spoke to me directly, and gave me instructions about the future of my life.

Over the years, I had drawn away from that conclusion, and became quite sure that the second voice came from inside my head, and was a very strong form of self talk. Science is clear that we all have a second voice inside of us. It comes in the form of a dialog we have with ourselves in times of reflection, correction, crisis, etc. (ref. Charles Fernyhough, University of Birmingham, England)

I became comfortable with the idea of self talk. It was a settled issue as far as I was concerned.

But, here’s what happens with me. Once I become settled on an issue, almost always, an alternate idea comes to life in my mind.

My new thinking on the subject is that we are connected with the universe more than I realized. Traditional religion will call this God, as in we are connected to God and he talks to us, at least some of us.

Another possibility is that we may be connected to the stuff that made us, namely the material of the stars. This in turn may be connected to our own evolution as Homo Sapiens. This  may account for the evolution of the second voice that we all use to process information regarding our own survival. In other words, our second voice may be a type of guidance system that helps to keeps us progressing.

The greatest private experience I have ever had was the day thirty five years ago when I was at crossroads in my life. While engaged in morning chores, I had this wonderful voice speak to me clearly and audibly. The voice told me all would go well for me. The voice then asked questions, the answers to which served as a platform for the voice to lay out my future. After that (it seemed to me) all I was doing was serving as an observer as I flew through life.

Indeed, the second voice-the voice within-quite literally may be a magnificent gyroscope, guided by the same laws that created the stars.