The Magic Has Been Released

A digital world is like no other reality we have experienced.

In my lifetime, I haven’t seen anything more powerful than the digital network.

When as individuals we enter the digital network we become a point in that network. That’s when the magic begins.

Interconnecting Points

A digital world is a network of interconnecting points that are created according to desire. For example, a girl I went to high school with knocked on my door recently. I recognized her immediately. She looked up my address and home image on her GPS. There she stood on my front porch. I hadn’t seen her in decades.

Her husband was having a bout with cancer and was being treated at the local university hospital. I happened to live close to that hospital. They needed a little bit of moral support. So they randomly started putting in names into their GPS of people they knew. Mine happened to be one of them. Her GPS guided her right to my front door. Of course, my wife and I were more than eager to give our support.

How Does It Work?

Digitally, how was that contact made possible?

The digital world connects points irrespective of distance or locality.

In a digitally connected world of points, there are no boundaries. Once you enter the digital network, you become a point that can be connected to every other point. In digital reality, locality and geography cease to exist.

Technically, a point in the digital network has no particular location in time or space. As a point in the network, you lose your corporality (body mass).

Again, in the digital world, locality does not exist. There is no “there” as in “over there.” There is only “here” as in” right here”. But the twist is the “right here” is not bound up in concrete locality. In other words, two points can exist in the same spot. Space is not used up, because space does not exist.

It’s all Digital Points In One Place

Points in the digital network are more like a Kaleidoscope than separate entities that exist in spread out geographical locations. You turn the cylinder of the kaleidoscope and the same rocks turn into different designs. A digital point is like existing in a kaleidoscope. One does not travel from one design to the next; the designs are all in one place or at one point.

Reversed Engineered Back To A Pinpoint

Another way to look at this is to think of a pinpoint in astronomy. Most of us believe that at one time the universe existed as a pinpoint. Then came a blast and the universe expanded. But, that blast can be reverse engineered back to the pinpoint. Everything you could ever want to know about the expanded universe is contained within that pinpoint.

That is how the digital network exists. As you enter the digital network, you become a pinpoint. At that point all things collapse to it, including space and time.

An Artist’s Canvas

Yet another way to understand a digital world is to imagine the artist’s brush at the moment of engagement with the canvas. At that very point of contact, a streak is smeared across the canvas. If we were to reverse the streak back to the moment the paint and the paint brush contacted the canvas, we would see the streak in its concentrated form.

I know I know, It’s Crazy

It’s a crazy way of looking at the world. The only problem is, it’s true, at least when you venture into the world of Quantum Mechanics. In Quantum Mechanics everything ends up being simultaneously connected irrespective of location.

That’s Why The Woman Found Me

Going back to the woman who found me after decades. She entered the digital network and put me into the network as well. Both being points in the networks, locality collapsed and she ended up on my front porch.

Everything collapsed to the same point. Space collapses, time collapses. Locality and distance collapse to one point.

What Happens after that?

So we met. What happened as we met face to face?

We went back to the regular world. The digital network disappeared, and we went back to the world of time, space, geography, and distance.


You can accomplish a lot of things when you are governed by the laws of geography, time, and locality. But, when you are a point in a digital network, you can do anything. When time, locality, and corporality are no longer barriers, there’s nothing holding you back from doing and creating anything you desire.

The magic has been released.