The Great Person

On any issue of great
significance that
impacts you
as well as
the great
person is made great
by insuring the decision they
make benefits you as much as them. 


Let’s say it again
so there is no
misInterpreting it.


On any issue of great
significance that
impacts you
as well as
that other
is made great
by insuring the decision
made benefits you as much as them.


Key to interpretation:


This poem using the chiasmus form
communicates once again the great
teaching that we should love our
neighbor as we love ourselves.
Or, another variation of that: do
unto others as you would have them
do unto you.


However, there is a flaw in the chiasmus.
No one knows if the word other is a male
or female. At the end of the poem, I’m
forced to declare the gender, but I
don’t want to, so I used the only
pronoun available to me. I used the word
them. That’s a weakness in the English
language. The word other is singular,
the word them is plural. There is no
pronoun that keeps the tense consistent
while not being forced to use a gender at
the end. What traditionally happens is that
we use the pronoun him, thus discounting
the role the female plays in this great principle.


Is that important?
In this great age of equality where
the female is fighting for equal footing with
the male, it’s of extreme importance to her.
Equal means equal in every sense that the word
Is meant to be used.