The Great Basin Kingdom

My great grandparents and grandparents migrated from Denmark to Utah in 1873.

They were Mormon converts.

Brigham Young was President of the Mormon church at that time. Along with others he had set up a new religious kingdom that can best be described as a theo/democracy. He sent out pioneering families to settle and develop local economies.

The renowned economist Leonard Arrington described it as The Great Basin Kingdom. Originally, it included Utah, Nevada; parts of Southern California, Idaho, Arizona, Northern Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Western Canada.

Personally, I am a direct product of the Mormon trail from Utah to Southern California and back.

I’m very proud of this history.

As a church leader, professional religious educator, and independent business entrepreneur, I’ve worked hard to enrich and grow those parts of that economic and social kingdom.

Right now, Utah is poised for another giant leap forward. This time it is as a global business power.

Salt Lake City will be its capital and is quickly becoming known as a global city state. There will be no doubt about this as one, if not the greatest, dry inland ports in the world is built out.

Billions of dollars of global imports and exports will flow in and out of this port over the next two decades.

Lest you might think this is a Mormon only activity, let me dissuade you of that misconception. True, the headquarters of the church will be located in Salt Lake City, but the demographics will be made up of an extremely diversified population representing every philosophical, religious, and racial mix.

Within a strong democratic system of governance, we are all here as a united group of humans to be part of the creation of a new global economic giant.

Come one, come all. Join us in this new chapter of economic and social history.