The Biggest And Baddest 50 Years From Now

Today, the world’s greatest governing center is Washington DC.

The world’s greatest financial center is New York.

The world’s greatest engine of wealth creation is America.

The world’s greatest center for higher education is America.

Global WORLD peace, freedom, and prosperity depend on the day to day workings of these activities.

But, in fifty years how will these activities change?

And, will the geographic center of these activities change?

Respecting geography, the answer is NO, but there will be other centers that compete admirably.

For example, the only GOVERNING body that can compete with Washington DC is the European Union – Brussels, its capital. The EU will compete but will lack the necessary central decision making power in order to put it at a par point with Washington DC.

The only place that will compete with New York as the most powerful financial center will be London. The Great Recession of 2008 created antipathy toward New York banking The world once again woke up to how risky financial markets have become, and how irresponsible bankers, especially investment bankers, can behave. Nevertheless, over the long term New York will remain the most powerful money center. Why? Washington DC has regulated it. After all, the world expects its bankers to act with restraint.

China will compete with America as the wealth creation center. Eventually, China will do more business than America. But it will not overtake America as a wealth CREATOR. Why? Too conservative. China’s contribution to the world will be its advancement to the greatest consumer nation. A lot of good things have to take place for that to happen. More open and liberal banking standards, more democratic reform, more economic growth in western China, more entrepreneurial wealth creation and less control from a powerful political elite.

China will compete with America as the center of higher education, but will not overtake it as a generator of original research. Why? Again, too conservative. China, historically, has been an inward looking nation. For better or worse, American culture pushes outward. For the next several decades China is perfectly content to just take care of itself.

So where am I going to invest my family’s future? First, in America; second, in the world.

In what am I most interested in investing? THE ENVIRONMENT.

What activities am I engaged in re the environment?

I financed the creation of a construction firm which is now called Hybrid Construction. Its mission is to build clean, green (energy efficient) homes. It’s not there yet, but its owner, Dallin Albertson, is university educated in modern construction technology and has additional training in green building technology. Hybrid has deepened its network and is excellently managed.

I financed the major portion of Grenx which produces alternative drinks to soda pop. Its mission is to be the world’s largest maker of pixie powered beverages. Its CEO and co-owner, Roger Hendrix Jr., has proven adept at managing both growth and risk. He also has developed an educated workforce. Josh Smith, Grënx’s COO, is finishing his doctorate in exercise physiology at BYU. We won’t be beat on taste, science, health, consumer appeal and smarts.

I am interested in transforming urban centers to clean, green environments. I live in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Urban living is healthy, edifying, and smart there. Most of the world now lives in urban centers. We need to know how to renovate, maintain, and build great urban centers for the earth’s nine billion inhabitants in 2050. (By the way population growth levels off around this time and starts to point downward after that.)

To reach my goals I will count on America and its great centers of political, financial and educational power to provide the necessary support. Yes, it’ll continue to be the “biggest, baddest” player on the field.