Small Choices, Big Changes: Save Money And Be Healthy

It only takes a small change to see big results. Small changes to your lifestyle can either take you to new heights or put you on a dangerous path. Luckily, we get to make our choices either way.

Let’s consider a couple of examples. A large gate that swings from one side is a good example. Where the gate pivots, it takes very little movement to make the end move a great distance. If a pilot changes his course by as little as 1 degree, he could end up hundreds of miles away from his intended target. If a person who exercises adds a small amount of weight to their workout they can become increasingly stronger. This can apply in so many parts of our lives.

All of us want to be healthier, happier and richer. By the same principle, let’s take a look at a few lifestyle changes and see where we might be able to change for the better.

Your Morning Beverage – It’s incredible what it takes to get going in the morning. For a majority of people, it’s the classic “joe” made to their liking. Typically, the fancier the name, the higher the beverage is in sugar, fats and calories. And for many, one just isn’t enough to stay going. Try a Mocha GreenTeaHP. You’ll receive a healthier, sustained energy and the extra health benefits.

  • Morning Latte – $3.50 and 400 calories
  • Mocha GreenTeaHP – $1.30 and 13 calories
  • Difference – $2.20 and 387 calories
  • Monthly Change – 7780 calories or about 2.2 pounds
  • Savings over 1 year – $572.00

Your Lunchtime Meal – Life can be busy, and at times, we’ve only got a quick moment to eat. Even though we know how bad the food is, we run to grab some fast food. The price may seem reasonable, but the cost in sodium, fats and calories are not. Try making your own lunch. If you make it, you can control what goes in it. Make your meal before you leave in the morning, or the night before.

  • Chicken sandwich medium combo meal – $6.50 and 1000 calories
  • Pulled turkey sandwich with fruit from home –  $3.00 and 400 calories
  • Difference – $3.50 and 600 calories
  • Monthly change – 12,000 calories or about 3.5 pounds
  • Savings over 1 year – $910.00

Restaurants – It’s great going out and eating meals at different restaurants. Some restaurants even offer healthier options and portions. But the “healthy options” might only be showing you low calories. The amounts of sodium and fats might not be as healthy. Add an appetizer, drink, and a dessert, and this meal is getting pricey. Oh, and don’t forget the tip. Try doing a potluck at home and forgo the bad service.

  • Restaurant chicken dinner – $13.00 and 1500 calories
  • Grilled salmon dinner and a side salad at home – $6.00 and 400 calories
  • Difference – $7.00 and 1100 calories
  • Change in 1 month – 22,000 calories or about 6.25 pounds
  • Savings over a year – $1,680.00

Dessert – How many of us “reward” ourselves because we ate so healthy for our meal? The tantalizing options of sugar coated sugar are endless, from pies to cup cakes to ice cream. Without looking at a label for any of these items, it’s hard to say exactly how much of anything we’re actually eating. Try passing on the dessert menu and have a healthy fruit alternative.

  • Half Cup of Rocky Road Ice Cream – $3.50 and 320 calories
  • An apple with peanut butter – $0.75 and 100 calories
  • Difference – $2.75 and 220 calories
  • Month Change – 4,400 calories or 1.25 pounds
  • Yearly Savings – $660.00

Movie Time – Going to the theater has become an American past time. It’s also a cash cow for Hollywood and movie theaters. And who can go to a movie without getting that buttery popcorn, candy snack and large soda to complete the experience? When one medium popcorn without the buttery topping can contain as much calories, saturated fat, and sodium as three quarter pounders, you can. Try having a movie night in. You won’t miss having people talking or pulling their phone out in the dark theater.

  • Movie Ticket at $8.00 and $7.00 for regular popcorn with soda at about 1000 calories
  • Rented movie at $3.00, and a caffeine free GreenTeaHP with “Smart Pop” buttered popcorn for $3.00 at about 100 calories
  • Difference – $9.00 and 900 calories
  • Monthly Change – 3600 calories or 1 pound
  • Yearly Savings – $432.00

It’s not hard to see how quickly things can get out of hand. Without thinking about the options you can gain quite a few pounds and spend a lot of money. Take a moment to look over your life and the options before you. Share what changes you might make to better your health and save some money at the same time.