Six Big Decades

Six decades have passed since my adjustment days

Filled with denying I wasn’t different from anyone else


Five decades ago have passed since my experimenting days

Filled with surfing, girls, some beer and being with everyone else


Four decades have passed since the time of disciplining myself for a thousand days

Filled with mastering a calendar, creating life like most everyone else


Three decades have passed since the breaking of barriers and soring high in those days

I was confident as I looked around for someone else


Two decades have passed, I have no need to compete today

I like my kids and their kids being themselves and no one else


One decade has past, my health intact and no longer counting the days

Classical music sounds right in my house, I have no need to talk about much else


One tenth of one decade has past I enjoy most days

I write my reflections, if I don’t I doubt it will be done by anyone else


One twelfth of one year has passed, I continue to marvel at my health these days

There’s nothing more to report about anything else


Today has been a good day

I sat and enjoyed the sun streaming in and not much else


Here I am

Love, there doesn’t need to be anything else