Pine Box

Look at me, old pine box,
you got nothin
on me

Old pine box, look at me,
you got nothin
on me

I’ll beat you pine box,
come on, look over
at me, old pine box

You  won’t carry me away,
that’s all I’m goin to say

Old pine box, you think
you’ll get  the best
of me?

I can’t see myself bein in
an old pine box,

I just don’t believe I’ll be
In that old pine box, you see

Yes, indeed, looks like
I have some fear of bein in
the old pine box

Yes, I have some
fear  of bein in
the pine box.

I know what
the old pine box knows,
no matter what I say.
I’ll end up in there

I’ve seen ma and pa in there,
I’ve seen Karen and Sandy in there,
I’ve seen almost everyone in there,
yet, I can’t accept I’ll be in there

No use talkin
more If I can’t
see myself in there

No use sayin
look at me
In there