Philosophy As Strategic Planning

Let me show you how I turned my personal philosophy into a strategic planning process.

The four Principles of Strategic Planning

1. There are no truths lurking in time and space that you must obey in making your strategic plans. Put another way, there is no rules box within which you must stay when planning.

2. In planning, It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong in your thinking, it only matters that you take a position and pursue it. If in pursuing it, you find that your direction is off, change the direction, not the position.

3. The genius of strategic planning is that you are able to create something from nothing. By merely imaging something you want to achieve, you can make it appear by merely thinking about it.

4. Strategic planning allows you to put yourself in the future while being in the present. Seeing yourself in the future causes your behavior to go in the direction of the future. Put another way, you are bending the future in the direction of your vision.

Creation versus the reality of the opposite

After realizing the gains of your strategic plan, the tyranny of the opposite appears. What’s the opposite of creation? Destruction, right?

It’s important that in planning, you care deeply about what you have created, because challenges occur with every creation. You must be willing to manage through the challenges in order to maintain what you have created.

The irony is that your creation strengthens as you manage through the challenges. Without the opposite pushing up against what you have created, it remains in a vulnerable state.