Green Tea: Lesson 21 Appetite Suppressant

Green tea is recognized across the globe as a top weight loss aid. Now, scientists are seeing its effects as a promising appetite suppressant.

The main factor at work is green tea’s effect on norepinephrine and dopamine, two peptide hormones, known as catecholemines which activate the sympathetic nervous system. This results in a decreased desire to eat.

Scientists believe that EGCG inhibits the breaking down of enzymes that normally break down the catecholamines. Fighting fire with fire.

Another effect green tea has on the appetite is the production of CCK.

CCK is a hormone released by into the intestines after you eat, telling your body when you are have had enough food.

Green tea has been shown to increase the output of CCK, making you satisfied sooner.

Finally, green tea works as a fat-burner. EGCG has a thermogenic effect which leads the body to burn fats instead of proteins.

An added bonus is that by replacing high calorie, high sugar, or highly sweetened beverages with all natural green tea, your body will consistently function at its most optimal levels.