On Second Thought

All my commitments were met

I slept well

I woke up relaxed

But I felt a pit in my stomach



Stomach infection?



Let’s stick with stress

Is it my past visiting me?

Years ago, I made a public stand
on a moral issue

My community believed It was a
controversial stand

The other day,

a friend of mine  asked if
someone interested
in my stand could meet me

That’s the last time I’ll invite my
friend to lunch at a private club

I do the inviting

That’s why it’s a private club

On second thought, maybe I’ll
meet the guy

There’s always a second
thought, isn’t there?

That’s the secret

There’s always a second

I entered a competition
to give a graduation speech

The deciding vote went against
me to make the final round

The next day, the guy who voted
against me said, “I’ve
given it a second thought”

“Let him into the final round”

To everyone’s surprise, especially
mine, I ended up giving
the graduation speech

I slipped by on a second thought

Why not on first thought?

Average kids usually
don’t get a first thought

Thank goodness, people
are inclined to say,
“On second thought”