Ode To So Cal With Help From Eagles And Stones

So Cal possessed a rhythm for you and me.
Who are you?

I am a man of wealth and taste, you know, but that’s the devil speaking inside of me.
I was preparing to ride its wave of words that would encircle me.

I studied at the University of Southern California
more than the degree it was the last two words intoxicating me.

You can enter but not leave.
The Hotel California that’s what we’ve
So many grieve
for they have not yet seen.

Life in the fast lane fascinated the world.
They thought it was all about the LA dream scene.
You and I know there’s more to the fast lane
than the LA scene.
It’ll end up in waterworld.

There I go again.
I’m a man of wealth and taste
It’s just the devil speaking inside of me.

Suits and Mercedes of L.A. Law
was what I saw.
Is that what you saw?

Bust or boom, there’s no better place to make you rich.After nine years I got an itch,
I moved south of the border for three years.
I shed no tears.

I never returned to so cal.
California is now in Mexico you see.
No, no I mean no harm.
I mean to say The Hotel California
Is in Mexico you see.

I am a man of wealth and taste you finally see
Or is it an Acura or the devil Keith Richards you see?

It’s all words I see,
I’m sure
that’s what you see.

If that’s all there is,
make the best of your words wherever you be.

Gratitude And Courage