Myths And My Life

1. Riding on a yacht is more fun than walking on the beach.

A day of riding on a yacht, especially if you spend the night, is accompanied by a feeling of relief. Watching the ocean from a yacht is good for about a half hour. After that a sense of boredom creeps in, and I feel every roll of the boat.

On the other hand, walking on the beach with my wife in the morning and afternoon is fun, because she is an avid shell collector. One time she found what looked like the skeleton of a horse’s jaw. My wife swore it was something more exotic. I ended up carrying it back to the place we were staying at, washing it, and toting it over to the nearest museum. Yeap , just a horse’s jaw. I certainly never had that kind of experience riding around on a yacht.

2. Riding on a private jet is more luxurious than riding in a commercial airliner.

Riding in a private jet has its rewards. The first five minutes you feel special. After that it has its own special moments. You have to get your own peanuts and beverage. You have to duck down as you go to the back of the plane to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is really small. One time the pilot’s cabin was open (actually, it always is) and I saw the copilot pull out a manual to determine which runway we were to land on.

On a commercial jet . . . well, you know. It’s better. You never see the pilots. The bigger the commercial jet the bigger the bathrooms, and of course, a flight attendant delivers the peanuts and beverage directly to your seat.

3. I can’t think of any more, can you? Share.