(My) Religious Cycle

One man in his time goes through
Four religious cycles

First comes a journey through childhood, where he is safely embraced by his
Local congregation.

Next comes the surprise that the congregation is part of an expanding
Worldwide religion        

Third is the intellectual awakening where he realizes he is entwined in
Theological complexity

Last, when he moves to the center place, it slowly dawns on him that the state is a

This man has decisions to make
Thrice plus one to be exact

He is an adult, does he continue to pin himself to his
Local congregation?

Does he continue to put forth his best effort to help expand his
Worldwide religion?

Does he objectively confront his religion’s locally determined
Theological complexity?

Does he admire that his two founding fathers created a state that is still a

He has made
Three decisions

Decision one
Continue to love his past experiences

Decision two
Put square pegs in square holes

Decision three
Stop letting social issues caused by local prejudice drive him to despair

How is the
Last decision implemented?
By making a decision of conscience
If the unwelcomed
Not to be welcomed
Neither is he welcome

Why I Believe It Just Doesn’t Really Matter